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I'm Sandra Showalter

"My purpose is to help individuals and businesses grow their audience and clientele through their online social presence. It all starts with business organization, goals and purpose."


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Shape Your Clients Emotions

No more trying to take selfies, or carve time out of your busy week to try and create photos to use with your content.
No more stock images to look like the others. 
Shape your ideal client’s emotions and first opinions of your brand through the photos and little video clips that will tell your story.
Build authentic relationships that will convert your followers into clients because they can see themselves using the services or products too.

Reveal Your Personality

No more crossing your arms with that fixed smile.
Your stories are intricate and have many layers.
Imagine this story:

The news is on and you hear a comment made that hit you hard. It made a story come to mind that you want to share with your followers. So, you scroll through your photos that are saved to your Google Drive folder, pick out a photo that we created that represents the exact feeling you have.

Now, show these different layers at any time.

Have Total Control With Your Content

No more wondering what the photographer didn’t choose for you. 
These are your stories and yours to choose. 100 photos or 1000, you get to choose which ones you want to use that fits into your package.

Choose to have them edited or download them as is.

Now, available in packages every quarter! Your story changes,  so should your content.

And with the top package you get me for an extra session, on call! If you have a conference, party, or networking event happening that you would love to be showcased no worries on paying a photographer to get that extra scene.


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Ruchika Behal
Sandra is amazingly patient and really works on the getting the best out of her models!
Leah Martinez
I can't say enough great things about Sandra Showalter. She is a fantastic photographer with a creative mind and great eye for finding your inner self. She is a wonderful person with a great attitude, and contracting her will ensure you the best representation of YOU!!!! Call her now and schedule your marketing photos, or your headshots! She will get you at your best!!!
Tina Cain
5 ⭐ Review!Sandra has a stellar creative eye! She is intent on knowing you and how from a photo to best capture your vibe. She brings excellence, experience and FUN to the session!
Brandi Ann Fowler
Sandra is amazing! She takes the time to get to know her clients, prepares them well, and makes them feel comfortable while doing a shoot. She makes extra effort to help people feel confident while shooting, and ensure they optimize their experience. She trusts and appreciates my craft and allows me to use my creativity while working. As a professional makeup artist I know the importance of understanding someone else’s vision while collaborating, and Sandra fosters that, making it possible to execute the idea and bring the vision to life. Like me, she is easy to get along with and goes with the flow! She has the flexibility and open mind that makes her so wonderful to work with!
Wayne Blease
Sandra was very professional and her knowledge and expertese showed in the results.
Nadia Tishler
I modeled for her and the best photographer I’ve worked with!! She’s super nice and fun. She made it such a comfortable environment that the time flew by. Would recommend to anyone needing pictures done! And would for sure recommend to others such as hair/makeup artists. She communicates well and is clear about what she expects. Very professional! 10/10!!
Desi Nicole
Sandra works magic with the camera. Each shoot is custom and she brings out the inner you. I highly recommend her services, you will have fun AND love her work! I look forward to working with her again!
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