First Step to Organizational Tools

Every business, Enterprise and Small Business, needs to have systems in places for their processes. From filing, customer management, finances, to content creation.

But what small business owners run into is not knowing where to start. They end up using subscriptions that are spread all over the place and struggle keeping track with what comes next.

I will share with you a way to help prevent from overspending and overspreading your systems so that you can feel more organized and focused on the important matters..you know, like fulfilling your purpose.

Recap of the 8 system tools every entrepreneur, small and large business should have can be found in my previous blog: 8 Organizational Tools

Out of these 8 tools, it is my opinion that you should start by looking for your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

Why? Most of the CRM’s created will cover a good majority of the 7 other tools needed, with the exception of a content calendar.

Because if you use the CRM’s to their fullest extent:

  1. When a lead fills out a contact form, their name and email will be automatically stored here. (Ideally)
  2. Because all of your leads are here, you can create different promotions and send it to them to keep top of mind.
  3. All of your financial information with each lead/client will
  4. Task Organization: you can always know what to be working on, who needs an email.
  5. Most calendars will hook up to this and you can use it as a scheduling system.

Now, not every CRM will cover all of these, but they are out there. And what you would like it to do really depends on your needs.

Starting Your Search for the Perfect CRM

There are many industry specific CRM’s or non specific.

Start your search out by simply going to Google and typing: “Top CRM’s for “specific industry”.

I did a lot of the work for “Freelancing” and came up with the following results:

Dubsado: Starting at $35/month you can get the ability to keep track of financials, send invoices, capture leads, create email workflows, connect to your calendar and use it as a scheduling app. What is it missing? Not much from what I can tell.

Insightly: Starting at $29/month it will cover lead generation and email workflow. But, you will need to probably also get a financial tool.

ZendDesk: Starting at $49/month

Streak: Starting at $49/month. I actually see this being ideal for Real Estate Agents/Brokers. However, there are others out there that are pretty awesome too.

Capsule: Free , but additional tools that may need to be looked at: contract platform and Quickbooks.

Wrap It Up

First, find your CRM tool. Look for the tools that are missing and do the search to fill in those gaps.

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